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GlowBug Light Tower

The light plants available from GenTex Oilfield Rentals, L.P. are called glowbugs. This design gives sufficient light without glare or shadow, while providing a more consistent light to all areas of your work site.  All these features make GenTex’s Light Plants the perfect choice for illuminating construction sites, outdoor events or industrial applications. A 12 HP Kohler diesel engine provides trusted performance, excellent fuel economy and reliable operations. Convenient external 120/240V AC power receptacles support small equipment and hand tool operations.

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  • Industrial Trailer Frame
  • Tier IV Kohler Diesel Engine
  • 3-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled 12HP
  • 6kW AC Power120/240V 60 Hz (± 6% regulated) Amps at 120/240V – 50/25
  • Trusted Brushless Alternator Design
  • Quiet Operation – 73 dBA @ 23ft
  • Lights – (4) 1000W Metal Halide
  • Telescoping Zinc Dichromate Mast (up to 32ft
  • 360 degree Mast Rotation
  • Fuel Capacity – 30 Gals. 64 HR. Run Time at 3/4 load
  • Wind Stability – 65 MPH(5)
  • Heavy-Duty Jack Support Outriggers

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