StreetSign2Every Gentex manager and employee makes a safe working environment their number one priority – no matter if it is in the office, on the road or on a client location. We are not only concerned for our own health and safety, but strive to safeguard the health and safety of others who work on the locations we serve and travel down the roads we share.

As members of ISNET World and PEC Premier, Gentex maintains the highest standards of safety and is deeply dedicated to continuously improving safety scores and procedures. Gentex certified safety professionals and management have also created programs that strictly adhere to all industry guidelines for pre-screening of applicants and random drug and alcohol tests.

Our goal is to train employees with certified industry professionals so that they are ready to perform their assigned duties before starting out on the road or arriving at a client location. Every Gentex employee is current with H2S and any other certifications required by our clients before they arrive for service.

This information is just an overview of how Gentex implements training programs and practices to ensure the health and safety of everyone who works for and with us. If you would like more specific information regarding our policies and procedures, please contact your Gentex representative for more details.

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