Specialty Trailers

GenTex also has available combo trailers which combine the generator, light plant and fresh water into a single trailer to be used to supply all three to your work location. These trailers can be used by the crew who stay on site during well completion or the drilling crew in order to provide all their needs while on site.


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Combination Trailer

Single Phase-20KVA, Tier 4i Generator
220 Gallon Diesel Tank
GlowBug 4000 Watt Light Tower
500 Gallon Fresh Water Tank With Booster Pump

Generator Features:

  • Heavy duty, 4-cycle, diesel engine provides maximum reliability.
  • Open delta alternator design provides virtually unlimited excitation for maximum motor starting capability.
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides precise regulation.
  • Sound attenuated, weather resistant, steel housing provides operation at 63 dB(A) at 23 feet.
  • Complete engine analog instrumentation includes DC ammeter, oil pressure gauge, water temp. gauge, fuel level gauge, tachometer/hour meter and emergency shutdown monitors.
  • Complete generator analog instrumentation includes voltage regulator control, ammeter phase selector switch, AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, frequency meter, panel light, and circuit breaker.
  • Automatic safety shutdown system monitors the water temperature, engine oil pressure, overspeed and overcrank.
  • Warning lights indicate abnormal conditions.
  • Complete power panel. Fully covered; single phase terminals and single phase receptacles allow fast and convenient hookup for most applications including temporary power boxes, tools and lighting equipment. All are NEMA standard.
  • EPA emissions certified-Interim Tier 4 emissions compliant.

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